Pantry Organizer 
Streamline your cooking experience and minimize food waste
The Yummly Pantry Organizer project aims to improve the cooking experience by introducing a new feature within the app that addresses common kitchen challenges such as meal planning and food wastage. 
Designed for individuals passionate about cooking but facing organization issues, the feature allows users to efficiently manage their kitchen inventory, track expiration dates, and access relevant recipes based on available ingredients. Following the app's existing design system, the feature seamlessly integrates into the user interface, prioritizing intuitive navigation and clear visibility of pantry items. The outcome is a streamlined cooking process, reduced food wastage, and enhanced culinary satisfaction for users.
The Pantry Organizer feature enables users to efficiently manage their kitchen inventory by keeping track of available ingredients, monitoring expiration dates, and accessing relevant recipes based on their pantry contents. By optimizing the user flow within the Yummly app, this feature empowers users to make better use of ingredients, reduce food waste, and discover new culinary possibilities.
Target Audience
The target audience for this project is individuals who are passionate about cooking but face challenges with meal planning, organization, and minimizing food wastage. These users are seeking a solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing routines and helps them make more informed decisions about meal preparation.
Design Approach
The design of the Pantry Organizer feature aligns closely with the existing Yummly app's visual identity and user interface elements. Leveraging the app's design system ensures consistency and familiarity for users. The interface prioritizes intuitive navigation, clear visibility of pantry items, and seamless integration with recipe suggestions.
App research & audit
Exploratory interviews
HMW & ideation
"How might we help user decide what to eat" 
(based on what’s in the fridge)

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